About Us

The Keypad Switch Solution Provider

LONGSUN TECHNOLOGY is one of the silicone keypad switch solution provider and manufacturer as well as the daily life silicone commodity manufacturer, with a comprehensive understanding of all silicone products from the customer’s image, idea, dream to the finished product on market.


LONGSUN Technology includes


2.  LONGSUN Rubber Keypad Switch Manufacturing  Factoties(D.G & Huizhou).

3. LONGSUN Silicone Products Factory

3.  LONGSUN Industrial Design Hub

Design Hub is an experienced and professional engineering team, we can fabricate the structure (CAD 2D & 3D model via UG, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer, MasterCam) and the layout of all surface ornament(coloring, artwork, texture), for more introduction, please reference NEWS column.



  • Application development.
  • 3D solid modeling and detailing
  • Tooling development and analysis.
  • All surface ornament(texture,finish)
  • Coloring/Graphics design and layout
  • Custom packaging design.



  •    Plastic injection/surface treatment(painting, printing, electro-plating).
  •   EP black rubber molding(Tubes, gaskets, seals for the industrial application).
  •   Silicone multicolor (Insert/Flow) molding; Dual hardness molding.
  • Silicone with irregular(ring,trangle,oval...) carbon pill or carbon epoxy for conduction.
  •   Silicone surface printing(positive,negative,convex,concave)/Spray painting/Laser (chemical) etching.
  •   Silicone surface coating(Resin hard epoxy coating,Silicone matte/Matte PU/Parylene C grade conformal coating,TOP grade UV-proof coating for outdoor application,marine, motor,aircrafts,military project.
  •   Silicone overmold Plastic PC and copper insert(M3...
  •   Silicone base bonded with all plastic caps by glue or insert.
  •   Silicone with front/rear adhesive assembly(DSMS or 3M9448...).



  • Experience — LONGSUN draws upon a wealth of knowledge in a  wide array of rubber and switch project technologies and processes.
  • Support — LONGSUN provides good design creativity and engineering expertise for the market. 
  • Precision — LONGSUN maintains superior manufacturing process controls to ensure premium quality throughout.
  • Quality —LONGSUN uses comprehensive computer aided verification, testing and measurement systems.
  • Service — Both the sales and the design coordinator have 12+ years experience for rubber and switch products.