Mobile Phone Keypad P+R

Mobile Phone Keypad P+R


THis keypad includes a siliocne base, a copper foil(0.05mm thickness) for shield as well these plastic caps.


For plastic caps.

1.  Navi-Key: PC(for center)/ABS(for rim) double shot injection and wet plating, four arrows processed by negative screen printing(only these four arrows can be backlighted).

Functional key"C": electronic-forming mold, double shot injection with PC(for icon "C" ) and ABS(for the rim), wet plating with the chrome on the textured surface.


Four oval-shaped functional keys: plastic injection with natural color, UV painted in green/red/transparent black, dry plating, laser etched for all icons (icons can be backlighted).


Numerical keys: 

For all rim, clear ABS molded, then painting in Pantone 877c, laser etched for all TEXT(can be backlighted).

For all core, clear PC molded, then negative printing for all TEXT/icons(can be backlighted).



The copper foil is sandwiched between the silicone base and the plastic caps. All bonded by the glue.

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