Silicone Keypad for Car Phone

Silicone Keypad for Car Phone

Car Phone Keypad, Backlight and Dome Array Assembly.

1). General purpose silicone in translucent( or milky) for molding the blank.

2). Spray painting in multi-color layers.

Basic colors: White and Black.

White isfor the graphics.

Black is for the light mask.

3). Forming the backlight graphics by laser etching.

4). Light box inspection in a dark room for the graphics backlight and the keypad light leak(bad light mask).

5).Surface coating for protection.

a). Silicone matte(SM) coating for a comfortable touch feeling.

b). PU matte coating for a good worn/abrasion proof(RCA tester).

Above 400 continual cycles with 175 grams load guaranteed!

c). Adds Uv-Proof material on the above a) or b) to stop the white graphics becoming yellowish for the outdoor application(Marine, GPS, Military…).



The following silicones are not suitable for a backlight keypad.

a). Fluorosilicone(FSR), due to the standard FSR color is light yellow or white( There is a transparent FSR on market, but the price is sky).

b). Flame retardant silicone, especially for UL94-V0 grade silicone, due to the color is off-white.


To improve the key cycle life, no broken for the web, a high tear silicone can be added into the molding recipe.


The force/tactile will be fulfilled by a metal dome array.


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