Silicone Keypad for B ultrasound machine

Silicone Keypad for B ultrasound machine

B-Ultrasound Machine Keypad.

1. Transparent silicone rubber molded in 60+/-5, shore A.

2. Spray painting in white for the icon color.

3. Sray painting in blue/cool gray for the background colors.

4. All icons laser etched for the backlight.

5. Silicone matte on keypad surface.

6. Size:275 x 191.8 x 10.1 mm.

7. Net Weight: 192g.

8. All carbon pills for the conduction.

9. Force: 180 +- 40g.

10. Daily capacity: 60-70 pcs for molding( 2 shifts).

11. Minimum order: 50pcs (one carton).



For the biomedical Ultrasound machine


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