Silicone Coffee Machine Keypad

Silicone Coffee Machine Keypad

Backlight/laser etching Keypad

 1). General purpose silicone in transparent or translucent or milky for molding the blank.

2). Spray painting by the machine in multi-color layers.

Basic colors: White and Black.

White is for the graphics backlight.

Black is for the keypad light leak proof.

3). Laser etching for all graphics on the keytop for a backlight effect.

4). Light box inspection in a dark room for the graphics backlight and the keypad light leak proof.

5).Surface coating for protection.

a). Silicone matte(SM) coating for a comfortable touch feeling.

b). PU matte coating for a good worn/abrasion proof(RCA tester).

Above 400 continual cycles with 175 grams load guaranteed!

c). Plus Uv-Proof material on the above a) or b) to stop the white graphics becoming yellowish for the outdoor application(Marine, GPS, Military…).



The following silicones are not suitable for a backlight keypad

a). Fluorosilicone(FSR).

Due to some of the physical colors are light yellow or white, but some FSR rubbers are translucent for backlight.

b). Flame retardant silicone(UL-94V0 grade)

Due to the material color is off-white, not clear.


To improve the key cycle life, no broken for the web, a high tear silicone can be added into the molding recipe.


LED with Bi-Color(Multi-Color) used for the same graphic with different backlighting color.


For the coffee machine.

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