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The HMI Keypad Switch Solution Provider

LONGSUN Technology  is a HMI(Human Machine Interface) keyboard switch solution provider and manufacturer, with a comprehensive understanding of all silicone products from the customer's image, idea, dream to the finished product on market.


LONGSUN Group includes,


LONGSUN Keypad  Factory(D.G China)

LONGSUN Industrial Design Hub


 LONGSUN Industrial Design Hub is an experienced and professional engineering team for fabricating the structure (CAD 2D & 3D model via Pro-Engineer, MasterCam) and designing the layout of all surface ornament(coloring, artwork, texture), for more introduction, please reference NEWS column.



·Application development.
·3D solid modeling and detailing.
·Tooling development and analysis.
·All surface ornament(texture,finish)
·Coloring/Graphics design and layout
·Custom packaging design.





 ---Standard silicone; 94 V0 grade silicone; Flourosilicone; high tear silicone; fluorecent silicone. low temparature(Approx 40-60 degrees below zero) silicone.

 Molding types:

 ---FLOW molding or INSERT molding for multi-colors and dual hardness.

 ---Overmolding with plastic frame or stainless steel sheet, metal component.

 Surface ornaments:


---Positive, negative types, print into concave, or on convex surface, tampo printing, regular screen printing.

Spray painting

 ---For the different color layers.

Laser etching

---Form the graphics by color layers, similar to the negative printing, for all backlighted graphics.


---Hard/soft epoxy coating.

---Silicone matte coating, matte PU coating.

---Parylene C grade conformal coating.

--- UV-Proof coating for Marine, Automobile,  Malitary, aircarfts industriies...).



Plastic injection/CNC machining and surface ornament(overmold with the copper insert,printing, painting, laser etching, galvanic plating...).


.Silicone overmolds plastic panel,bezel,housing

Transparent silicone overmolds plastic surface, then painting silicone in white and black or dark gray, laser etching for backlight, silicone matte coating or PU coating.

Low temperature silicone inks, low temperature PU material.


 .Assembly(Provide a total solution)
.Silicone with front/rear adhesiveS(3M9448, DSMS adhesives).

.Silicone with under dome array(by adhesive layer).

.Silicone with plastic cap(by glue or insert), plastic bezel, backer, housing.

.Silicone with plastic, flexible circuit/rigid PCBA and special package.



·EXPERIENCE--LONGSUN draws upon a wealth of knowledge in a wide array of silicone,membrane,black rubber, plastic technologies and processes.

·SUPPORT--LONGSUN provides good design creativity and engineering expertise for the market.

·PRECISION--LONGSUN maintains superior manufacturing process controls to ensure premium quality throughout.

·QUALITY--LONGSUN uses comprehensive computer aided verification, testing and measurement systems.

·SERVICE--Both the sales team and the design coordinator have decades years experience for the silicone,plastic and human machine interface products.