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Why Use Fluorosilicone Rubber?

Fluorosilicone rubber (fluorinated silicone rubber) has the basic silicone rubber properties of resilience, high/low temperature stability and resistance to aging and degradation from sunlight and ozone. The Aerospace Industry AHS has a particular interest in Fluorosilicone compounds as they resist coolant fluids. It is also resistant to jet fuel, engine oil, silicone oil and hydraulic fluids.


. Low compression set

. Easily pigmented

. Excellent solvent/fluid resistance.

. Retains properties over a wide temperature range.

. Light yellow, uncatalyzed Fluorosilicone Rubber Base.


Molded, extruded and calendered goods(i.g. keypad, gasket, o-rings).

How to use

Pigmentation, modification and blending.

It can be pigmented with standard Dow Corning pigment masterbatches. A comprehensive range of masterbatches is available from Dow Corning. The physical properties of this product can be modified using a range of Dow Corning additives.

The product can be blended with other durometer fluorosilicone rubbers to produce materials with intermediate durometers and properties.

 For making a molded part,i.g gasket, or keypad, It can aslo be blended with the general purpose silicone rubbers to provide intermediate fluid resistance at intermediate costs.

Surface treatment as same to the general purpose siliocnes, printing, spray painting, laser etching, PU coating...

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