Ultrathin Silicone Healthy Heater-Silicone overmolds heating cirucit

Ultrathin Silicone Healthy Heater-Silicone overmolds heating cirucit

Flexible Electric Healthy Heater (No electromagnetic radiation).

Silicone overmolds heating circuit.

Product Specification

1. Material:

A. Top grade silicone rubber(RoHS verified).

B. Alloy foil(UL certificated).

2. Size: 20.0 x6.5x0.2cm.

3.Voltage: 5VDC, no electromagnetic radiation.

4. Power: 4W.


1. Warm Waist; Warm Feet; Warm Hand. Warm shoulder; Slow down Dysmenorrhea.

2. It is safe to touch the skin, no electric shock,normal temperature, 40-60C.

3. Ultra-thin(2.0mm) design.

4. It can brush washing, fold, abrasion proof, withstand pressure, no odor, portable, wide usage.


Fast heat transmission, warm kidney, resist cold. Blood active, strengthen blood cycle, speed up metabolism, promote longevity, unique health care function.

About power supply

1. Can connect with the power bank.

2. Can connect with the computer by USB wire.

3. Can connect with the cell phone charger.

4. No more than 20 minutes while touching directly with the human skin(depends on the sensitivity from different person).

Surface graphics printing

Customized graphics is very welcomed!


The indicated package is for reference only, customized package design will be very appreciated!


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