Plastic Texture Specification for Galvanic Plating

Plastic Texture Specification for Galvanic Plating


Generally speaking,the surface finish is divided into two kinds per the rough level.

One is the high glossy and the other one is the matte.

For the high glossy finish,the surface looks like a specular reflection,mirror.

For the matte finish, there is three types of textures.

A. H.F texture

Same as MOLD-TECH texture(plastic industrial texture specification).

B. H.A texture

The texture is in concentric circle diagram.

C. H.P Texture

Brushed Texture.

For a plastic ornament, usually, the golden finish will be the high glossy texture and the H.F texture to make a vivid comparison,the later will be as the edge and the sunk icons/TEXTs.

How to fulfill the textured finish?

Step1: Electro-forming plastic mould(make the texture on the mould core).

Step2: High precision injection molding with the galvanic plating grade plastic.

Step3: Plating with the chrome(color, at the customer's option, but bright chrome is the popular one).

For the chassis top metallic ornament, the aluminum sheet ornament(anodizing, brushing, or chemical etching) and the plastic ornament(textured or high gloss with bright chrome plating) is the good solution, but the plastic one is more preferring at present.

Some pull throughs designed on the back can get a firm and table bonding by the hot melted with the plastic bezel,front chassis.

The Advantage compared with the aluminium sheet ornament.

1. Excellent anti-impact.

The plastic matrial has good impact-proof function, no sink mark after any heavy hit.

2. Good curve surface.

More easy to fulfill a curve surface.

3. Easy bonding with the under plastic chassis

Some plastic pull throughs designed on the plastic ornament rear face, these pull throughs can be hot melted into the holes on the chassis, in this case, it can get a very tight bonding, no loose.

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