Biomedical Engineering Silicone Keyboard

Biomedical Engineering Silicone Keyboard


Silicone with conductive carbon pill or carbon ink epoxy or metal dome.


1. Operation temperature: -30 ~ 80°C.

2. Storage temperature: - 40 ~ 100°C.

3. Contact resistance: below 100Ω.

4. Stroke Voltage:﹥25-30KV/mm

5. Expectation of Life: 500,000 - 2,000,000 closures.

6. Meet ROHS.

7. Color and Size: Freely according to your  request.
8. Technology:Screen Printing, Spray Coating.

9. OEM or ODM is acceptable.
10.Different keypad refer to the detailed technical parameter.


Fields of application:

Keypads of Telephone, Interphone, Alarm System,machine equipment Remote Control, Computer, Toy.


For this keypad:

Molded in light gray/blue silicone rubber(flow molding), 60+/- 5, shore A.

Screen printed in white/black for all icons.

SM coating for the keypad surface protection.

All carbon pill in diameter, 4.0mm for conduction.

Size: 336.3 x 234.2 x 10.2 mm,.

Net Weight: 215g.

Minimum order: 50pcs/lot(one carton net).



Biomedical Engineering scanner.

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