Fluorescent Silicone Keypad-Glowing in Dark

Fluorescent Silicone Keypad-Glowing in Dark

(Fluorescent) Backlight Keypad, glowing in dark

 1). Fluorescent powder adds into the general purpose silicone for molding the rubber blank.

The ratio is per the customer's specification for the lasting time  in dark, our current project can stand 4 hours at least.

2). Painting in black for the light mask.)

3). Laser etching for all graphics backlight.

4). Matte PU coating for protection.


Outdoor vehicle(motorbike), home remote controller, outdoor military GPS, radio...


No LED light source on the PCB to  illuminate the graphics, it glows from the fluorescent physical feature.

Especially for the militray application, for the soldier 's security in battle.


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